New Vaccines Introduced

We have recently introduced four new vaccines to our list general vaccines

Prevenar-13 Pneumococcal Conjugated Vaccine (PCV13) for those patients 50yrs and older. This gives added protection for those wishing to achieve the highest possible protection against pneumonia. This vaccine has now been introduced into the UK Childhood Vaccination Programme. For our private patients the cost is £75.00

This vaccine has now replaced the PPV-23 in the UK Childhood Programme. To review the full UK CHP follow link

Standard Polysaccharide Pneumococcal-23 Vaccine (PPV23) This vaccine is available to our over 65’s and at risks patients who qualify at no charge under our NHS London Contract. For those outside this group it is available privately at a cost of £20.00

Chicken Pox (varicella) Vaccine (Varilrix) This highly contagious disease is spread through close contact and the majority of children obtain immunity naturally. However there are some who do not acquire immunity naturally and others who may not present with symptoms and are deemed therefore not to have had the infection. We are now able to offer this vaccine to these patients. We will outline various issues with parents prior to vaccination. The cost is £68.00

Meningitis ‘B’ Vaccine (Bexsero) This new vaccine complements our other meningitis vaccines to give protection against the ‘B’ strain. This vaccine has recently been introduced into the UK Childhood Programme, but only for certain young babies. We are now able to offer this vaccine privately to those patients who fall outside the NHS qualifying criteria. The cost is £129.00 per shot and more than one may be required

For more information concerning meningitis please follow this link…/faqs-on-meningitis-b-vaccine

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