Hepatitis A vaccines (Boosters)

Greetings travellers, Just a quick message to let you know that we now have both the Hepatitis A + Typhoid combination injection as well as the Hepatitis A vaccine on its own. This hasn’t been available for months but we’ve … Continued

Hepatitis A outbreak in California, USA

Greetings Travellers, Anyone who’s heading to California to enjoy some winter some, its worth knowing that there is a Hepatitis A outbreak in the state. Hepatitis A is spread by food and water contaminated with Hepatitis A as well as … Continued

Hepatitis A and Typhoid Updates

Hi guys, It seems Hepatitis A supplies should return to normal in November here at the Barnet Travel Clinic. If you’ve got a trip planned for mid to late november, please do call us as soon as possible to get … Continued

Yellow Fever Dengue in Brazil

Hey guys, This is probably of interest to any of you explorers heading to beautiful Brazil. As you may know, Yellow Fever has always been a problem in Brazi, but recently the Yellow Fever problem has grown more rapidly and … Continued

Intermittent Hepatitis A Supply

Hello Travellers! Just a quick update to say we are getting intermittent supplies of hepatitis A, the latest news I have for you guys is that I will have some Hepatitis A + Typhoid combination vaccines in stock the last … Continued